Mayor Kim Dong-il, "We created 'Boryeong-type K-prevention' Clean City from COVID-19."
Mayor Kim Dong-il, "We created 'Boryeong-type K-prevention' Clean City from COVID-19."
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Tourist attractions, including Daecheon Beach, will be deployed a large manpower of prevention to check fever.
Achieve 'zero' spread to temporary living facilities and selective medical treatment for overseas entrants.
"Resolving pending projects such as green New Deal, water supply and sewerage maintenance, smart healthcare, etc.

Boryeong, South Chungcheong Province, is a representative "purity" area of Corona 19.

So far, not a single confirmed case has occurred.

Compared to the status of a major tourist city in Chungcheong Province, it is considered an unrivaled achievement.

In particular, Boryeong is continuing its "Corona 19 Confirmation Zero" march even now that it has received a special tourist attraction in the summer. It is analyzed that public officials led by Mayor Kim Dong-il have been leading the "Boryeong-type K-prevention" by united efforts.

Chungcheong News met Kim Dong-il, Boryeong Mayor, and heard about the "Boryeong-type K-prevention," the results of the first half of the seventh term of the popular election, and the blueprint for the second half.

Jo Hong-ki, reporter of Chungcheong News, left, and Kim Dong-il, Mayor of Boryeong City, right, talk about the "Boryeong-type K-prevention" at Kim’s office in Boryeong City Hall.
Jo Hong-ki, reporter of Chungcheong News, left, and Kim Dong-il, Mayor of Boryeong City, right, talk about the "Boryeong-type K-prevention" at Kim’s office in Boryeong City Hall.

-The question and answer with Mayor Kim.


Q. Boryeong is considered one of the representative clean areas in COVID-19 of Chungcheng province. Due to the nature of the tourist city, where large-scale tourists gather and disperse, it is considered a very unparalleled achievement.


"Boryeong has been operating its Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters since January 31 to respond to the spread of COVID-19. An emergency quarantine task force consisting of 46 members from five groups is working to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As of April 22, 1,598 cases of confirmed patients, contacts, and suspected patients in other regions were already tested negative.

Since March, it has also operated a disinfection day for all areas of the country every Wednesday to carry out self-defense of facilities due to the high risk of collective infection. In addition, we have set up thermal imaging cameras at seven locations including city hall, terminal, train station, and ferry terminal to proactively respond, and since May, we have been meticulously conducting quarantine management and health care for facilities for the disabled."


Q. Boryeong is a representative summer tourist destination. If tourists flock to the area, it will raise concerns about the spread of COVID-19.


Since July, we have set up and operated 31 quarantine stations at 18 tourist attractions, including Daecheon Beach. An average of 606 government officials and short-term workers are stationed here to check all tourists' fever. If there are suspected symptoms such as high fever, they are allowed to return home, and if they are not sick, they are given a safety wristband to enter the house, so they are holding tourism and health(two rabbits) at once.

The management of overseas entrants is also a matter of emphasis in our city. For the first time in South Chungcheong Province, the Seongjusan Natural Recreation Forest and Workers' General Welfare Center have been designated as temporary living facilities for overseas immigrants. Through this, we have cut off local radio waves and designated the city health center and Boryeong Asan Medical Center as selective medical centers to conduct tests safely and easily by collecting mobile samples from cars."

Kim Dong-il, mayor of Boryeong
Kim Dong-il, mayor of Boryeong

Q. Are you also implementing measures to stabilize local life and support small business owners following the spread of COVID-19?


"Of course. We have a variety of support policies in place. The government has already paid 33.3 billion won early, including emergency disaster support, temporary living support for low-income families, support for child-rearing, and job projects for senior citizens. Along with South Chungcheong Province, the government has also been providing financial support for bus and taxi workers and 7.7 billion won in emergency life stabilization funds for small business owners.

In the second half of the year, the government plans to provide 8 billion won in farming and fishing allowances to farmers with regional love gift certificates to revitalize the local economy. It also paid 1 billion won to unregistered businesses and fishing and fishing businesses to rescue those who were placed in blind spots under the support regulations.

In addition, the government is seeking to stabilize the management of small and medium-sized enterprises by preserving interest on special management stabilization funds in South Chungcheong Province and the city, and has invested 600 million won in special guarantees and interest preservation to support small business owners and self-employed people. To revitalize the traditional market, we are reducing the facility usage fees of 120 stores by 50 percent in the first quarter, and we are also focusing on public work and community jobs, youth, and college students' job projects in winter."

Kim Dong-il, mayor of Boryeong
Kim Dong-il, mayor of Boryeong

Q. Moving on to the talk of the administration, the seventh popular election is now at a turning point. If there were great results in the first half of the year.


“The past six years, including the sixth popular election, have been a rewarding time for Boryeong's future 100 years. I am proud to have done my best to properly lead the self-governing city with unshakable coordination and integration.

They were busy expanding SOC, which serves as the basis for future growth, such as highways and railways, national roads, ports, and a marina. In addition, the approval of international events at the 2022 Boryeong Marine Mud Fair - Boryeong Mud Festival - and the selection of a world festival city, the designation of an investment leading district in Wonsan Island, and the reflection of the planned zone for the second Marina Port are significant achievements.

In addition, it was selected as the best organization for active administration by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security and South Chungcheong Province, and achieved 141% of the goal in the first half of the year in the rapid execution of local finance, making it the best local government in the country."


Q. If there is any priority or emphasis on the second half of the year.

"We plan to do our best to revive the local economy. In anticipation of the arrival of a non-face-to-face society (Untact), we will build related infrastructure and do our best to strengthen the safety net to prevent infectious diseases. It will also expand opportunities to enjoy 'untact' culture, tourism, and sports.

We will actively implement policies to revive the sluggish local economy such as creating a smart green mobility ecosystem, remodeling technologies, and demonstration projects for electric vehicles, attracting front and rear companies following the transformation of energy industries, smart healthcare, and green new deal.

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